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Scripture readings for Next Shabbat
17 Tammuz, 5779
(July 20, 2019)
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- Torah -
Numbers 22:2-25:9
- Prophets -
Micah 5:7-6:8
Shabbat Service - Saturday @10:00 am
Weekly Video Teaching - Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Erev Shabbat Bible Study -
1st & 3rd Fridays @ 7:50 pm
Every Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time
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Service above by clicking on the logo here.
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Streaming live and on-demand on
Streaming live and on-demand on
Download the discussion questions for the Midweek
Teaching above by clicking on the logo here.
Streaming live and on-demand on
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The Right and Hope of Redemption
Scripture Study Schedule
July 20 - Micah 5:7-6:8
July 27 - Jeremiah 1:1-2:3
Aug. 3 - Jeremiah 2:4-28,3:4
Aug 10 - Isaiah 1:1-27
Aug 17 - Isaiah 40:1-26
Aug 24 - Isaiah 49:14-51:3
Aug 31 - Isaiah 66:1-24
Sept 7 - Isaiah 51:12-52:12
Sept 14 - Isaiah 54:1-10
Sept 21 - Isaiah 60:1-22
- New Covenant -
Matthew 21:1-11
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Shabbat Service
Midweek Teaching
Erev Shabbat Bible Study
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Special Event!
Come join us for a night of worship and
fellowship as we celebrate
Rosh Chodesh,
the new month of Av.

Thursday, August 1st at 7:00 pm.
This will be an outdoor event (weather
permitting) so bring your lawn chairs.
Bring biblically clean or kosher snack
food items. This is at a private
residence with street parking available.
Car pool if possible.

Email us at for
address and directions.