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Yeshua (Jesus) said that all the scriptures spoke about Him.  Our goal at Moed Ministries is to search those same
scriptures that Yeshua and His disciples had and find out what they say about the Messiah.  To this end, we have
developed and continue to produce Bible study materials, other books, video teaching sessions and other related
materials for the individual and small and home based Bible study groups.
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And beginning with Moses and the Prophets He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the
things concerning Himself.
(Luke 24:27)
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Jew & Gentile: The
Gospel of Salvation

Four amazing teaching on
Jew and Gentile coming
together as One New Man
through Yeshua
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Erev Shabbat Bible Study
Live every 1st and 3rd Fridays at 7:30 PM Pacific Time on:

This is a LIVE interactive Bible study session where you can join us from the comfort of
your home via your computer or mobile device.  Watch the live session on our
Livestream.com page (the link to the next session is below) and participate with your
questions and comments via the chat room.  You can download and print the same
student notes the on-site participants are using.  The notes are published a few hours
before the study sessions and are available at the Livestream.com event link.  Join us for
these exciting, interactive sessions as we dig deeper into the word of God!
Shadows in the
Land of Israel

Journey with us to eight
historic places in the Land
of Israel and let the
scriptures come alive like
never before!
The Identity of
the Antichrist

Did you know that the Bible
actually has some very
specific information about
this mysterious person?  
Watch this four part series
and find out!
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Divine Appointments with God
An in-depth study of the Feasts of the LORD!

This study is perfectly suited for small group setting such as a home based Bible study
group or a family study. Divine Appointments with God takes the participant beyond a
simple surface understanding of the Feasts to their prophetic connection to Messiah
Yeshua.  These video sessions are from our own home group where we teach this material
ourselves.  You can join us through these FREE video recorded sessions by purchasing the
appropriate number of Student Workbooks from
our bookstore or from Amazon.com for
your group and follow along with us.  We go through the material at a leisurely pace so it
is easy to follow along.  There are 21 sessions of about 1.5 hours each.  Click on the "
Study" button on the menu at the top of the page for more information and to access the
video sessions.  There is no additional charge for access to the video sessions, only the cost
of the books for your group participants.
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Scripture readings
for Adar 2
7, 5777
(March 25, 2017)
- Torah -
Exodus 35:1-40:38
- Prophets -
Ezekiel 45:16-46:18
- New Covenant -
Mark 6:14-29
John 6:1-71
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